Why Should I Love Pakistan?

Being Pakistani, the people of Pakistan need no reason to love the country, but it doesn’t mean that Pakistan has no reasons at all. Pakistan has many valid reasons that one may easily start liking this country. Mostly, Pakistan people show their affection publically towards the country on national holidays and cricket matches. Don’t get me wrong, Cricket is very famous in Pakistan but it doesn’t mean that it is its national game, not at all, it is hockey. Moreover, we are going to express here other reasons that why the name of Pakistan exists in the minds of the nation and foreigners.

PSL – Pakistan Super League
Finally, after the great demand of Pakistani people, Pakistan has brought cricket home by the formation of its own cricket league. PSL is the name of its first cricket league that stands for Pakistan Super League that is twenty league of Pakistan. It has 6 teams that are independently owned by different market giants. The market value of PSL is almost $300 million.

The Edhi Foundation
This is largest ambulance service in Pakistan, and Mr. Edhi was the only person who made it possible. He found and run the foundation with sole dedication. Edhi started this foundation when he first time took and owned the dead body of someone who was nothing to him and buried him on his own. The foundation has its name in Guinness World Record only because of this man. Not just Pakistan, almost the whole world knows and respects him.

Pakistani Food
Pakistani food is very well-known due to its unique and delicious taste. Therefore, many people in other countries are running their hoteling businesses with the name of Pakistan I food. Nutella naan is one of the food the food items. We can’t say that Pakistan invented Stuffed Parathas but they love it like they did.

Fawad Khan
Fawad Khan is iconic personality of the Pakistan. Along with great dashing personality, he has got many talents like acting, singing, screenwriting, producing and modeling. Pakistani nation looks good and beautiful wherever fawad goes. His slightly broody beard has won both Pakistanis and Indians hearts.

Hospitality of Pakistan
People of Pakistan have very welcoming nature as they completely know how to welcome and regard their guests. Tourists and visitors always speak about it. Whatever the international media says about it is totally wrong.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
The biggest fame from Pakistan in classical music is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who is also known as King of Qawali but died due to cardiac arrest. He has dies many years ago but still alive because of his music, don’t know how many generations of future are going to listen.

Weird Politicians
Politics in Pakistan is also worth observing because of its entertaining and awkward politicians who are brave enough to act instead of just uttering words. Politics is a game of mind but here in Pakistan only thinking is not enough, sometimes, you have to perform like Sheikh Rasheed.

Mango is king of all fruits due to its unique taste and this king also belongs to Pakistan. You will find best kind of mangoes in Pakistan. There are many countries who import mangoes from Pakistan. Koh-e-Noor is one of those types that is ideal for the people of various other countries.

Badshahi Mosque
Pakistan is also full of beautiful heritage sites and Badshahi Mosque is one of them. Many Muslim celebrities across the world visit the place to get married. It’s situated in Lahore which is one of the famous cities in Pakistan.

Motivational News Reporters
There was a time when this man named Chand Nawaz was all over the YouTube because of his innovating reporting style, it was hilarious. He was as innovative as new channel has to fire him from his job, but there were many news channels that were ready to hire him again.

Brave Aunties
That time this video was seen by almost everyone and this aunty was very famous among mobile users. She has no fear to show the mirror to the government in her own language. In her abusive language, there was a clear truth for corrupt sector of the Pakistani government.

Abdus Salam
The theoretical physicist was also from Pakistan who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979. He helped Pakistan in setting up its first nuclear power plant. The power plan is situated in biggest city of the Pakistan, Karachi.

Shrine Culture
One of the greatest cultures in Pakistan is going to shrines; it is as famous as non-Muslims have started following this believes. These celebrations relate to spirituality tradition in Pakistan. Whether these are intricate mosques, churches or even Hindu temples you must visit them.

Famous Northern Areas of Pakistan
Northern areas of Pakistan are the main attraction for the tourists. Pakistan has various eye-catching sites if you want are ready to roam the country. People use the pictures of those sites as wallpapers on their computer screens. The Nanga Parbat, Astola Island in Baluchistan and Hunza’s Attabad Lake are just few examples that can take your breath away.

Pakistani Cinema
It is 10 years before when no one was knows the films from Pakistan, but now the world knows that who made ‘Ho Mann Jahan’ and ‘Punjab Nahi Jaon Gi’ and many more. Pakistani film industry is on its way now to paint the town.


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