Iron Lady Sabiha Zahid South Asian Cycling Champion Died

27 years old Iron Lady of Pakistan Sabiha Zahid, who was representing Pakistan women cycling championship from last five years and won silver medal in last South Asian Games, lost her life against cancer.

Sabiha was suffering from cancer which was at last stage, still she take part in last women’s champion ship held in December, 2019. As per her family, she was under treatment from military hospital Rawalpindi.

She belongs to a traditional, conservative and poor family from Punian district Haripur, KP province. Despite her poverty and extreme difficulties, Sahiha got her regular and physical education from Hazara University Mansehra.

After winning the national championship first time in 2014 she gave an interview, where she stated that “I belong to Pukhtoon family and its not a good practice that girls go outside and take part in such activities” But she got extra ordinary help from her family, specially from her husband who belong to Pakistan army and a professional cyclist as well. She stated that her husband Zahid help her allot in this achievement.

She got proper training from Pakistan Army camp for lady cyclists, where Col. Tahir include her in his camp. After that camp she decided to take part in KP professional cycling team. That’s how she take a part in ladies championship for first time in 2014 and won the title, everyone was amazed because of her talent.

Now in December, 2018 she came to participate in event but she was not seem well for the event. Her coach asked about her health, she replied i came here to win another championship and asked for his prayers. And she showed her abilities by winning the title once again. This day no one know’s that she was actually suffering from cancer, infect she became the one and only in the world who won the race with such disease.

Her friend and fellow rider in the race Nida Fatima who take part in several games within the country also out of country along with Sabiha. Nida stated that she won 5 out of 7 events with that disease. She added further that, in 2017 there was a race at Chak Shahzad, Islamabad where Sabiha was leading a 5 girls team from Army. That event was based on a 40km track where at after 7km we were winning by 2 minutes, there Sabiha was in lead, suddenly we met with an accident and 3 of our riders were fallen off with some serious injuries. Luckily i and Sabiha was safe but other 3 riders got injuries on their knees, eyes even got bone fracture.

At that condition we left behind other team and they got almost a 3 min lead on us. At that moment Sabiha put one of them on her cycle and other rider hold Sabiha cycle while sitting on her cycle and Sabiha run her cycle for remaining 33km where she covered the whole difficult terrain and win the event by 59 seconds.


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