Google & Microsoft Certified Courses for High School Students

Murad Raas (Punjab’s Education Minister) stated that ministry is in talk with Microsoft and Google to introduce certified IT courses for Pakistani high school students.

Both companies will be officially starting their courses for the first time in Pakistan. This decision is taken in great favor of high school students. As here not all students go to further studies after secondary education but gone for jobs due to poverty level. At that stage Punjab Govt. was already providing short courses facilities to such students to make them a better player in employment sector.

In that scene if such big companies came in the field, it will great addition to the already available courses list. Because not all students want to go in mechanics fields, they must go to such decent sectors such as IT. This is tech era and Pakistan is far behind in the race of technology, we must need to train our young interns in this field to give them a bright future.

Govt. plan is to provide software development skills to 9th and 10th grade students with the help of Microsoft and Google, even we are planning to give opportunities to school / college drop out students.


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