First Pakistani Restaurant in the World to Get Michelin Star

Dreaming is not enough if you don’t chase them, Dreams do come true if you stop sleeping and open your eyes and start chasing them with full passion and belief of achievement. Don’t take it light as it takes iron will and steel nerves to exactly get what you want, like celebrities who don’t perform to just earn but getting an Oscar, and chefs who cook to make their dream of Michelin star come true. You will see a lot of people who learn to get degrees but you hardly meet few people who are learning with the aim of being successful entrepreneur.

As per title of this article we are talking about Michelin stars and some Hollywood movies about Michelin stars are worth noting here. The Hundred-Foot Journey movie was the same kind of movie in which believing in your culture and traditions and sticking to them while working hard to accomplish your goals. The Chef and The Burnt are also same kind of movies.

If you don’t know, Michelin star is the restaurant grading system that ranks the restaurants in the world according to their quality and taste of food, and it is never happened in Pakistan till now. This is first time happened that a Pakistani restaurant New Punjab Club in Hong Kong is starred by Michelin star. It received its first star that means ‘A Very Good Restaurant’ as per Michelin Star grading system. It could have been better if the restaurant was in Pakistan. The restaurateur Asim Hussain received this award on Punjabi cuisine menu in just 8 months after opening the restaurant. This is really great achievement for him that he won star from the Michelin in such a short period of time. He has running more than 20 restaurants around the world but this restaurant was only one that he call very personal project. We should never consider our culture and tradition insignificant, and we should do such activities in which we are master.


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