Top Pakistani Food Dishes You Can’t Ignore

Around the world of eatables, Pakistani food has its own worth due to its unique delicious taste and quality. Its aroma and presentation is enough to make you hungry. It is true some of the Pakistani food items are similar to Indians food but difference is still there. Pakistan only believes in hygienic food and country has set its own quality standards based on its religion.

If you have all set to roam the Pakistan, keep on reading to know the best delicious foods in Pakistan, and don’t worry about your belly it will surely move forward because you can’t stop eating.

KPK is a province in Pakistan and its people are best in cooking Karahi. If you want to enjoy this food just go to KPK in Pakistan. If you are lover of lamb or goat meat KPK is your target and if you want to eat Karahi made by chicken then Lahore is the city of Pakistan for you.

The best recipe to cook rise is from Pakistan and it is called biryani, you are going to be mad for this if you love eating rice. Pakistan has regional kinds of Biryani, visit different regions to taste different forms of Biryani food. These kinds are called Sindhi Biryani, beef Biryani, chicken Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani and so on. Karachi has many names who sell different Biryanis like Student Biryani and Biryani Express.

Haleem is available all over the Pakistan with almost equal taste; it is made up by lentils and meat. If you are low on budget you can easily try this one as it is available at very reasonable prices. Responsible price doesn’t mean we are saying to compromise on taste, never, you would love to eat it again and again.

Nihari is the food for breakfast and lunch. This food is also known as Nawab food of India as it was usually served to rich people there before the partition of India and Pakistan. Nihari is also available in many options like Chicken, beef, mutton and fish also. It’s on you what the option you go for, you are going to love it.

Korma is the best thing cooked up with the use of curry and little yogurt. People in Pakistan eat it twice or thrice in weak, almost. This one is also considered royal dish in the country.

Chapli Kabab
Peshawar is capital city of the KPK province in Pakistan, Chapli Kaabab belongs to it. They also call it Peshawari Kaabab. It is fried food of Pakistan that you are not going to stop eating once you start. KPK is origin of this food.

Pakistani Burger
If you are not loving McDonald’s burgers anymore, try this one in Pakistan. This is famous street food of the country and easily available in reasonable price. You may easily find the stalls on roads for this item. Egg is second main ingredient of this food item, forget the first one and go try it.

Chana Chaat
Chana Chaat is considered one of the best appetizers in Pakistan; people therein usually want to eat it before any meal, and sometimes, after the meal. This item is made with some cooked and uncooked ingredients.

If you are not afraid of sugar you are welcome to taste this delicious sweet food item in Pakistan. This Pakistani food is great treat for everyone who wants to eat something sweet after having meal. The simple name of this recipe is sweet rice.

Gajar Ka Halwa
This is also called Gajar Ka Halwa and it is mainly made up by carrots. Milk is also ingredient of this item but not the main ingredient is carrot that is 100% natural. You would love to eat this sweet dish of the country. This is roller coaster in sweet items and you are definitely going to like its warm bowl after having lunch.

Rasmalai is Pakistan’s own type of ice cream; it is too different to be like ice cream. Bakeries in Pakistan are the destinations if you want to try Rasmalai. It is best served when chill. Milk is the main ingredient of this item.

Gulab Jamun
Guaab Jamun is one of the toughest recipes in desserts. It is not everyone’s piece of cake even in Pakistan. You must visit famous bakeries in Pakistan if you want to try this one. People who are master in cooking this item have developed their shops to sell this food item. If you fully act on its recipe, you would be still unable to produce delicious Gulab Jamun. You should visit Pakistan if you want to enjoy it.

Halwa Puri
The best breakfast solution in Pakistan, when we Pakistanis want to present something special to our guests as breakfast, we proudly present Halwa Puri. If you eat it in your breakfast with Lassi, (Lassi is widely used instead of water in Pakistan.) you are never going to forget that breakfast.


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