Govt Imposed Ban on Freeing Birds for Money

Selling the freedom of birds using the emotions of people against money is very common in the streets of Pakistan. Nonetheless, now the Pakistan Animal Welfare Society has taken steps to declare it as criminal offense to the government. PAWS initiated this route by posting it on Facebook through their official account. The Sindh government Wildlife Department is responsible for this cruel act as it started to issue permits to capture specific birds in makeshift cages and set them free again against money to earn livelihood.

But, now it has to be stopped as this cruel activity is getting common day by day. It is going to be banned soon in Karachi as PAWS is spreading awareness about this crime. These birds include sparrows, robins, chats and mynahs that are bound to be in makeshift cages without proper feeding and care.

These street hawkers play with people’s hearts and emotions by demanding few rupees in order to set those birds free. It is much required-step to be taken by the government to save the poor birds from cruel trappers as it is strongly against animal rights.


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