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Pakistani food is directly linked to its religion Islam, Islam is the only religion in the world that tells people what to eat and what not to eat. Every food in Pakistan revolves around this concept. Islam divides this concept on the basis of two categories, Halaal and Haraam. One can eat Halaal foods and cannot eat Haraam foods. Followers of Islam are forbidden to consume alcohol and to eat pork. Every kind of meat is not simply Halaal to eat. The Mughal cooking was begun in India and it still has connection with some of the Pakistani foods. Chicken Tandoori is one of them, it is the recipe of chicken dish that is made using chicken along with various different spices. Its method of cooking is also very different; it is cooked in special large clay ovens at very low temperature. These large clay ovens are called Tandoors in Pakistan.

Pakistani Foods
Pakistan is divided in four provinces and every province has own specialties in cooking styles. Every province is bound to stay on Halaal and Haraam concept as per Islam, therefore, people in each province eat same food items but they cook very differently. Recipes and cooking styles are very different in each province as one can enjoy various tastes of one food item. As a whole, milk, vegetables and wheat flour are the main food items that form the basis of Pakistani cuisines. A name called Chapati is made from flour and it is directly linked to every food or you can say it is staples at most meals. Different vegetables like cabbage, chickpeas, peas, okra and potatoes are eaten seasonally.

Pakistan is very rich in many seasonal fruits, and world import most of the fruits from Pakistan, Mango is the top of the list. You will find the best type of mango in Pakistan. Papayas, watermelon, bananas apricots, and apples are some instances. Chiku fruit got the taste of a date and the touch and feel of a kiwi fruit. Many Pakistanis eat their fruit (particularly watermelon) with a little dusting of salt to balance the sweetness or sourness.
Meat like chicken, mutton and beef is based on affordability. Rich people in Pakistan eat meat twice or thrice in a week. There are a lot of ways to cook meat in Pakistan. Tikka Boti, Sajji and Jalfarezi are some of them. If you are in Pakistan on Tuesday and Wednesday and want to eat meat other than chicken, there are 95% chances that you won’t find it. There is trend in Pakistan (not because of religion) that meat is not served and sold on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Meal Timings in Pakistan
Nihari is very famous food in Pakistan, the base word of Nihari is Nihar which means morning, so Nihari is the food of morning so people take it as breakfast. Halwa Puri is also one of the famous morning or breakfast food in Pakistan.

Pakistani lunch and dinner foods are quite similar, bread, rice meal and vegetables are the main items in meals. Chapati is compulsory kind of item in every meal but rice has not such worth so it is eaten twice or thrice in a week.

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