PTI Govt. Forming New Agency to Promote Tourism in Pakistan

The new government of Pakistan has come up with new decision of formation of a team called National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB) to support the tourism industry in Pakistan. This team will be formed on 25 members who will be responsible to update Prime Minister of the country. It was happened after the meeting of Tourism Task Force with the Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair. This team will be responsible to promote the tourism industry by connecting all the provinces at internal level. While forming this agency, the Government is also all set to reorganize already formed agency called Pakistan Tourism Development Coordination through transferring its properties worth of 200 billion to new NTCB for all provinces. This PTDC is also going to be secretariat of NTCB.

It was also decided to form special occupied groups on religious tourism, adventure tourism, historic, cultural and archaeological tourism, regulatory and policy reforms, Trans-Himalaya Jeep Rally Group, facilitation, infrastructure and tourism branding.

The team also advised the Imran Khan about the advancement in the tourism industry. He was informed that the work on the development of 20 new sites for tourism industry in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) was additionally in progress.


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