Water Crisis Going Serious in Pakistan

Lack of drinking water is the major current issue in Pakistan. Problem is getting bigger and bigger and only few steps are taken so far to resolve this problem. As per the report of International Monetary Fund, Pakistan has its name in the list of three countries that are currently water-stressed. Furthermore, Pakistan has also its name in the list of 10 countries with less clean drinking water.

Nevertheless, it is also facing the challenges to the current water reserves that are going down. The number of accidents of droughts is also getting bigger with rising heat waves all over the world that are causing the sea level to rising. Furthermore, the aquifers are also killing the cleanness of water and making it more salty. For human drinking water, fertilizers are also mixing nitrates into water supplies that are making the water less safe for drinking and irrigation.

The goal of United Nations regarding maintainable development is to provide safe water and proper sanitation measures to everyone by 2030. There are many organizations that are concerned about the issue and are coming forward to find the best possible solution through creating awareness about the requirement of clean and safe drinking water.


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