A Visit to Noor Mahal Bahawalpur, Pakistan

On my friends wedding we have traveled to a beautiful city Bahawalpur which was on top famous cities list. We started journey by road in own car started from Lahore at 12 AM midnight and reached Bahawalpur at 05 AM in the morning. After taking a short nap we planned to visit the city before going to the actual venue where we have to attend the wedding of our friend.

After a short discussion we decided to visit the Famous tourist spot in the city which is Noor Mahal. Which was only 5KM away from our motel where we were staying. A brief history about Noor Mahal was already discussed in our Cholistan Jeep Rally blog post.

There is a entry fee of Rs. 75 for each person and they have 50% off for students, that fee collected being spent on the maintenance of the Noor Mahal. After entering the first thing we have noticed that its not that small, it has big area in surrounding covered with beautifully maintained grass. Mahal is kept in its great condition without any damage to any part. All of its original Furniture belongings are still in actual form and preserved with great care. We observe the royal feeling while standing among those artistic items. We request you to plan a visit for Bahawalpur, you will wittiness the beauty, lifestyle, history everything in one place.

You can see the Bahawalpur  state documents which are still preserved with great care, Bahawalpur Flag, old currency, postal tickets, newspaper, wedding cards etc. Also you can have a look of Famous 1935 Ford Hajj van which  was used by Nawab Muhammad Sadiq-V. We have arranged a detailed photography for you people, but the real beauty can be seen with real eyes.

Photos of Noor Mahal:


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