Things to know before traveling to Pakistan

If you ever choose to go to Pakistan, I guarantee you that you will have the amazing experience of your lifetime. From hitchhiking on tractors and hallucinogenic trucks to rolling over amazingly restricted mountain streets based on a cliff 1,500 meters high, officers who willfully give you their AK-47 for snapping a picture, the most striking landscape and the way that you can camp amidst a heaven totally without anyone else’s input.

Travel insurance for traveling in Pakistan

Not Regular But High Risk Insurance Required

Standard travel insurance agencies, for example, World Nomads, the one I generally prescribe, won’t cover you in those regions where governments exhort against all movement. This implies, on the off chance that you have a mishap or there is a tragic occasion while meandering around those regions, you won’t get a solitary penny. Normally, these no-go territories would incorporate the street from Islamabad to Gilgit, Peshawar, Chitral, the Kalash Valleys and a substantial tetrameter. By the by, a few nations like Canada, consider the entire Pakistan a restricted area in this way, on the off chance that you hold a Canadian international ID, you won’t be secured by any stretch of the imagination, regardless of where you go.

In the event that you need to be completely secured, you should get a movement protection had some expertise in high-chance goals, similar to First Allied. With First Allied, you won’t just be shrouded in no-go regions yet additionally, their arrangement covers you for mishaps identified with fear mongering, grabbing or any sort of threatening vibe, while ordinary travel protections don’t, regardless of whether you are in a sheltered zone.


Cultural behavior and facts when traveling in Pakistan

Urdu, which resembles Hindi, is the official language – However, every area has its own (or a few) neighborhood dialects, so not quite the same as one another. English is generally spoken among instructed individuals.

Pakistan is a standout amongst the most ethnically and socially different nations – From the South Asian looking individuals of Punjab and Sindh; to the general population of the Pashtun regions, closer to Iran or Afghanistan; the agnostic culture of Kalash; the Shias from Gilgit and Nagar; the Ismaili’s of lower Hunza and the Wakhis (and furthermore Ismaili’s) of upper Hunza. Going in Pakistan resembles going in a few, distinctive modest nations. It’s captivating.

Keep in mind, you are the visitor – People will in general say that, in Iran, Sudan and Iraqi Kurdistan, you locate the friendliest individuals on the planet. All things considered, obviously, they haven’t visited Pakistan. While the facts demonstrate that these nations are entirely accommodating, Pakistanis convey it to the following dimension. In this nation, you are the visitor, which implies that local people take a stab at you to have the most ideal time in their nation or area.

Within your outing in Pakistan, you’ll be welcomed for lunch, supper and even to remain at individuals’ homes so often that, on numerous events, you should won’t. After your refusal, they will demand by and by, again and again. They will likewise demand conveying your pack and offering you sustenance one hundred times regardless of whether you state that you are full. These are their social principles and you are the visitor.

Paying for Meals – For some reason, Pakistanis dependably need to pay for your suppers to the degree that it gets cumbersome. I for one didn’t care for it, particularly when I could see that the neighborhood individuals didn’t have a lot of cash. On the off chance that conceivable, endeavor to back them up.

Wearing a Shalwar Kameez – The conventional Pakistani dress, which 80% or 90% of Pakistanis wear, is called shalwar Kameez. Would it be a good idea for you to wear it? It’s not mandatory but rather, in the event that you do, local people will truly welcome it, particularly in the Pashtun regions.

Islam – Pakistan is the most moderate nation I’ve at any point been to. You should watchful and dependably regard their principles. If you do, they will likewise regard you and you will have the best time in their nation.


Security and safety when you travel in Pakistan

Pakistan isn’t risky yet you should be careful: You may have perused from different websites that Pakistan is one of the most secure nations on the planet. By and by, I wouldn’t state that. While I imagine that Pakistan is anything but an unsafe nation, in certain zones, it’s smarter to be wary, particularly in the district flanking Afghanistan.

Police are there to support you: All through your Pakistan ventures, you’ll be ceaselessly cross examined by many diverse policemen and individuals from the military. Who are you? For what reason would you say you are here? Where are you going? Dissimilar to in different nations, in Pakistan, the police and military are really cool and, for your very own security, they are directed to put forth these inquiries. I am dead serious. Amid my 56-day trip in Pakistan, I needed to enroll in excess of multiple times at various armed force and police check posts. In some cases, to get starting with one goal then onto the next, I needed to enroll in excess of multiple times!

It’s great to bring heaps of photocopies on the grounds that, at some check posts, on the off chance that you have an identification duplicate, you don’t need to escape the vehicle. Else, you are going to squander your time.

You may get a free armed guard: Once more, totally serious. For security purposes, in certain zones, you will get an individual furnished guard. Here and there, you may need to pay for his suppers in any case, as indicated by the police, you are not compelled to. It’s up to you.

Again, totally serious. For security purposes, in certain regions, you will get an individual equipped guard. Once in a while, you may need to pay for his dinners be that as it may, as per the police, you are not compelled to. It’s up to you.

Women traveling solo is more typical and more secure than you might suspect – Women enlighten brilliant things regarding their encounters amid their adventures through Pakistan. Women voyaging solo is more typical and more secure than you might suspect – Women inform great things concerning their encounters during their adventures through Pakistan.

Pakistani intelligence is the best secret administration on the planet – One of the reasons why Pakistan is anything but a perilous nation is on account of the Pakistani insight, which is viewed as the best insight corps on the planet, far superior to the CIA. Know that they are tread carefully and they will dependably know where you are. I recall that, while climbing around a remote zone in the Astore Valley, a man wearing a salwar Kameez (the customary Pakistani garments), came to me and stated, “You are the Spanish, right?” he was from the Pakistani intelligence.

Bureaucracy and permits for your trip in Pakistan

Try not to trust in any source of organization data, not even Against the Compass – In Pakistan, rules are not composed and things are continually evolving. Spots which never again require a grant, may require it medium-term, by the following day it was transforming it back again. A military person let me know once that, when this occurs, this is on the grounds that they are suspicious of some Taliban or fear mongering movement. This data doesn’t stream all through the nation, so you will see that everybody (counting national police, nearby police, the Army, local people, explorers and web journals) will dependably have an alternate assessment. Try not to trust in anybody. Check it yourself, when you’re on the ground.

In Pakistan the sky is the limit – If there is something important I mastered during my trek in Pakistan, it is that, as in any immoral nation, the sky is the limit and everything relies upon your contacts. On the off chance that you know the correct individuals, you can do totally all that you need, including visiting prohibited zones without a grant.

What is a NOC? – A No Objection Certificate, which is essentially, a license required for certain limited zones.

Instructions to get a NOC – The most ideal approach to get a NOC is through a nearby with contacts. If you don’t have the foggiest idea about any neighborhood, contact your government office, however it can take up to 4 or 5 working days to continue. Moreover, Ishan, from SWAT Valley Backpackers can get it for you.

At the point when you need a NOC – As I said previously, don’t confide in any wellspring of administration data. During my trek in Pakistan, a companion of me was required to get a NOC to utilize the street among Timargara and Chitral. After one day, I endeavored to utilize that street yet the NOC was not required any longer. Notwithstanding, authoritatively, you would require a NOC to visit Balochistan, the Khyber Pass and Tribal Areas and Kashmir.


Prices and money

Very Cheap Prices – You can without much of a stretch travel in Pakistan for under $20 per day, dozing in private rooms and eating 3 suppers outside.

You Can Negotiate Everything – Everything can be anticipated, particularly the lodgings. Hope to pay different sums from different visitors.


Internet and calling

Internet Service – Except in Gilgit-Baltistan, the web works sensibly well all through the nation

Get ZONG Mobile Network – Don’t think further. ZONG is the best mobile operator, particularly in the northern territories. With the exception of in the Kalash Valley and some remote zones in Upper Hunza, ZONG has the high-speed 4G internet.

Transportation for traveling around Pakistan

You’ll get used to the mountain ways – Most mountain streets are startling as they are incredibly thin and based on madly high cliffs. Try not to freeze. You’ll simply become acclimated to them!

You will figure out how to be tolerant – In totally pretty much every long transport venture I took, we had a breakdown. Once in a while, we were ceased for two hours! What’s more, at some point, we ceased in light of the fact that the transport came up short on gas! Would you be able to trust it?

Open transports and minivans go all over the places – Like in most creating nations where a great many people can’t bear to purchase a vehicle, transports and minivans travel to even the remotest zones in the nation. In Sindh and Punjab regions, Daewoo is the most extravagance transport. For traveling to Gilgit from Islamabad, you should take NATCO VIP Bus ($17). Try not to stress, isn’t that VIP.

Train Service – In Sindh and Punjab territories to Peshawar, you can move around via train. There are different train organizations yet you should dependably take the private ones, as they are increasingly reliable. Use AC standard, as it is the one utilized by the Pakistani white collar class. It’s not costly, not rotten and sufficiently agreeable.

Mind-blowing trucks are a lifestyle – Everybody experiences passionate feelings for the trucks in Pakistan, as they are so especially enlivened that they are a gift to your focal point.

Hitchhiking is excessively simple – It’s easy to the point, that occasionally, it’s quicker and simpler than taking open transport, particularly on the Karakoram Highway (from Gilgit to Khunjerab Pass). Everyone will need to lift you up! When in doubt, on the KKH, I didn’t catch a ride on motorbikes (there are such a large number of mishaps) and autos with ladies inside.

Plane is quite advantageous – Traveling by transport from Islamabad toward the northern regions, including Chitral, Gilgit and Skardu takes ages (from 15 to 20 hours). There are flights associating Islamabad with every one of these urban areas. – Most mountain streets are startling as they are incredibly thin and based on madly high cliffs. Try not to freeze. You’ll simply become acclimated to them!

Trekking in Pakistan

The most reachable tough mountains – Nowhere else in the whole world, will you have the capacity to trek to the base camp of an 8,000 meters high pinnacle summit in just two days. Regardless of whether you are an amateur trekker, you can do short treks and have the capacity to appreciate the most magnificent mountains!


Food, drinks, and alcohol

Food may cause cholesterol problem – Pakistanis love oil excessively. They put huge amounts of it in totally every feast, incorporating into the steamed rice, which they will dependably fry a while later. When you are in an eatery, dependably request half cooked or fried.

It’s practically dry experience– In the Sindh area and Islamabad, you can discover alcohol stores. In the remainder of the nation, alcohol is just accessible on the underground market, yet most local people (who drink) can get it for you effectively.

Hope to have some chai multi day – Chai, which is tea with milk, is a lifestyle in Pakistan and an indication of hospitality.

Accommodation during your visit in Pakistan

Price negotiation prevails almost everywhere in the country – Whenever they reveal to you the cost, inquire as to whether they have a less expensive room. Truly, on numerous events, I figured out how to get half of the basic cost.

If you are low-on-budget, dependably inquire as to whether they have a dorm – Surprisingly, numerous inns have residences and they don’t let you know until they lose on bargaining. Interestingly, since there are relatively few explorers, you are destined to get the residence only for yourself!

Most everywhere in Pakistan, you are secured – In Pakistan, there is a ton of residential the travel industry, so most touristic zones are loaded up with lodgings for completely every financial plan, from inn to mid-range and extravagance rooms.

Better accommodations are available in selective areas only – In urban communities like Peshawar, Karachi, Multan, and essentially anyplace outside of Swat Valley, Chitral, Northern regions, Islamabad and Lahore, finding good (spending plan) settlement may be challenging.

Couchsurfing is almost famous! – There are heaps of profiles, particularly in the enormous urban communities.

Traveling and Entrance to Pakistan

Best timings to visit Pakistan – Most travelers come to Pakistan for the sake of mountains. Nevertheless, these are just available from mid-April to mid-October. For the remainder of the year, they become detached, because of the substantial snow. Then again, if you need to visit the Sindh and Punjab areas, you should come in winter, from November until February, when the climate is cooler.

Entrance in Pakistan Using Borders – You can enter or exit from China border. Indian border option is also open but I would not suggest that. India and Pakistan hate each other. So if want to skip China border, go for Iran border.

Keep in mind that in Pakistan you need friends – Pakistan isn’t a simple spot to go around. From booking transports to getting grants, buddies are vital for a nation where mostly rules are not followed. The Karakoram Club Facebook page is an extraordinary spot to make neighborhood mates. In huge urban communities, particularly in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, Couchsurfing is also a good option. These two channels helped me greatly.


Hidden Tourist Spots in Pakistan


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