Archaeological Buddhist Workshops Found near Peshawar, Pakistan

The archaeological sites of Buddhism in Pakistan have been discovered many times, but now the first time, the discovery of

Things to know before traveling to Pakistan

If you ever choose to go to Pakistan, I guarantee you that you will have the amazing experience of your

Beauty of Balochistan History, Culture and Tourism

Various tribes comprise to make people of Balochistan. Three noteworthy tribes are (Baloch and Brahvi) and Pashtoon. The Balochi-speaking tribes

Traveling to Pakistan! Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

If you are spending vacations in Pakistan and touring in different cities, camping around must be in your list. Usually

Hidden and Un Explored Tourist Attractions in Pakistan

Here in South Asia Pakistan is the only country which has such beauty to explore which no other country have.

A Visit to Noor Mahal Bahawalpur, Pakistan

On my friends wedding we have traveled to a beautiful city Bahawalpur which was on top famous cities list. We

PTI Govt. Forming New Agency to Promote Tourism in Pakistan

The new government of Pakistan has come up with new decision of formation of a team called National Tourism Coordination

KP Govt Introducing New Tourism Spots and Skiing Resorts

Tourism in Pakistan is growing day by day through its wonderful sites and much-appreciated hospitality. It was recently happened that

American can Hunt Markhor in Pakistan for $110,000

Bryan Kinsel Harlan is now third American citizen who won the bid to hunt Pakistan’s national animal Markhor. This screw-horned

Pakistan Welcome’s International Tour Operators

Many foreign associations, investors and tourists have shown interest in tourism industry of Pakistan at the time of country’s participation

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